Add Water to Dry Cat Food – How and Why You Should Do It

Some cats will only eat wet food, while others will only eat dry food. There are benefits to add water to dry cat food, even if your cat is a wet food eater. This article explains why and how you should add moisture to dry cat food.

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Benefits Of Adding Water To Dry Cat Food

Note: Make sure to use filtered or tap water. Also, consult your vet and find out if adding water to dry cat food will work for your cat. Like humans, not all cats are the same.

Give A Boost To The Daily Water Intake

A cat is drinking water from a swimming pool.

Firstly,t it can help keep your cat hydrated. Cats don’t always drink enough water, so adding water to their food can help them stay hydrated.

Dehydration may affect a cat’s health negatively, resulting in issues such as electrolyte imbalances, urinary tract infections, and poor blood circulation.

Help In Digestion

Dry cat food may not be easy to digest due to its texture. There will be instances where the cat swallows some pieces whole.

Therefore, adding water to dry cat food reduces the random pieces your cat may swallow.

Stop Fast Eating

Pets consume dry food faster – its munchy texture makes it a breeze to eat. However, if you add some water to dry cat food, it won’t be as munchy, and your cat can eat it slowly.

Bloat Reduction

Adding water to dry food lets it expand before the cat eats it, decreasing the bloating feeling. The need to bloat usually occurs when the dry food expands inside a cat’s stomach, unlike when it does so before it eats it.

Mission Enhancing Appetite

A cat is eating kibble.

Adding water to dry cat food can make the food more delicious for picky eaters. If your cat is a wet food eater but sometimes turns up its nose at its food, adding a little water can help make the food more appealing.

For this reason, you might want to use warm water. Unlike cold water, warm water can boost the flavor of the food, making it more appealing to eat.

Yet, not all cats are the same. Make sure to test your cat with a small portion before you start serving more significant portions.

How Much Is Waters Perfect To Add In Dry Cat Food?

Water and dry cat food in bowls resting on a brown floor.

Water and dry cat food in bowls resting on a brown floor.

It all boils down to the ratio of the water to the food. I recommend mixing one part of water with three parts of dry food. You might want to see how your pet responds to the food before making this a habit.

If you’re in doubt or unsure about it, consult a vet. It’s just that too much water can lead to loose or watery stools in some cats.

Why Shouldn’t You Wet Your Kibble For Cat?

Pieces of dry pet food surround wet pet food in a bowl.

Pieces of dry pet food surround wet pet food in a bowl.

If you add water to a cat’s kibble and let the food overstay, it might become home to bacteria and fungi. That tends to worsen in warm weather. 

Once you add water to it, I recommend not leaving the food for longer than half an hour. However, this time should be shorter in hot summer, no more than 10-15 minutes.


So, if you’re looking for a way to make your cat’s food more appealing or help them stay hydrated, try adding a little water to their dry food. If you want more information on dry cat food, contact us.