Are Spider Plants Bad For Cats: The Effect of the Grass Replica

Are Spider Plants Bad For Cats? The spider plant is a popular houseplant due to its hardy nature and easy care requirements. It’s also a fan favorite for cats because of its long, grass-like leaves. If you have a cat that enjoys nibbling on the spider plant’s leaves, don’t worry. 

This article will put your mind at ease by answering the question, are spider plants bad for cats? We’ll provide you with information on the safety of this plant for cats.

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Why Do Cats Love Spider Plants?

spider plant in hanging pot

(spider plant in hanging pot)

There are many reasons cats love spider plants. The leaves are long and grass-like, which makes them the perfect snack for cats who love to nibble on things. The plant also produces a chemical that causes similar stimulation as catnip. You’ll notice sudden wild or silly behavior from your cat if they have been nibbling on the leaves. 

Then there’s that busy feline that loves to play and jump at anything that looks like a toy. No matter the reason, it’s not uncommon to see cats playing with and eating the leaves of spider plants.

Is Spider Plant Safe For Cats and What Happens If Cat Eats Spider Plant?

cat not feeling well

(cat not feeling well)

Let’s dig deeper into understanding if the spider plant is cat safe and its impact on cats when consumed.

Is Spider Plant Safe For Cats?

According to the ASPCA, the spider plant is considered non-toxic to cats. So can cats safely eat spider plants? Here’s what happens when you allow your cat to eat it. 

What Happens?

Just because the plant isn’t toxic doesn’t mean it won’t cause problems. When your cat eats spider plants, it can get an upset stomach. It is due to the fibers in the leaves that may irritate their digestive tract.

Symptoms include vomiting, diarrhea, and loss of appetite. Since all cats aren’t created equal, it’s best to prevent them from eating the plant.

Tips To Stop Your Cat From Eating Your Spider Plant

cat eating grass

(cat eating grass)

We all know cats aren’t exactly the type of animal who always listens when you say no or stop. So, what’s the best way to get your cat to stop eating the spider plant?

Keep Them In Hanging Baskets

The great thing about hanging baskets is that you can hang them high, making it difficult for cats to reach them. It prevents them from being able to snack on the spider plant’s leaves.

Many put spider plants in hanging baskets because it makes the flower look like it’s floating in the air. However, please keep it away from furniture, windowsills, or any places cats can reach.

Spray With Repellant

Using hanging baskets may only work for some. If this is the case, spray the spider plant’s leaves with a bitter apple or citrus repellent. It will make the leaves taste bad to your cat and will act as a deterrent for them.

Ensure you choose a repellent that is safe for both cats and plants. 

Keep Them In A Separate Room

Plants make the home atmosphere look much more inviting and cozy. If you don’t want to spray your spider plant with repellent, opt to keep your plants in a separate room.

It will prevent your cats from being able to access the plant and snack on it. For example, a well-lit (but indirect sunlight) bathroom or space you spend little time in would work perfectly. 

Grow Plants For Your Cat

Finding a plant that cats can safely eat is a great way to keep them away from spider plants. Cat grass and catnip are all safe options for cats to munch on. Growing these plants will give your cat something safe to enjoy. 

It will keep them away from the spider plants in the long run. Not to mention, wide varieties of these plants exist. It allows you to find one that works for your cat and one you love.

Keep Your Cat Entertained

Keeping your fluffy friend entertained is crucial in preventing them from eating the spider plants in your home. Playing with interactive toys like puzzle feeders and laser pointers can help keep your cat occupied. 

Cat wands and even walks can help burn some of their energy and distract them from your plants. If you don’t have the means to invest in toys, a simple game of tag with your cat will do. 

Prune The Plants

The longer your spider plants grow, the more likely cats will be attracted to them. Regular pruning can help reduce your cats’ temptation to snack on them. Pruning is a good practice for keeping your plants healthy.

It also gives the plants a chance to look full and lush. Since spider plants grow fast, pruning will be a way of life in maintaining them.

So Are Spider Plants Toxic to Cats?

cat playing with a ball of the earth

(cat playing with a ball of the earth)

The short answer is no. Spider plants are not poisonous to cats. However, it’s essential to understand that consuming spider plants can still irritate their digestive system.

We must take the necessary steps to keep our cats away from them. Spider plants and cats don’t mix well. You and your cat can coexist peacefully with your spider plants with the right precautions.