Balcony Cat Proof: 10 Ways to Prevent Your Cat From Jumping Off the Balcony

If you like spending time on your balcony, you might think it’s okay for your cat too. After all, you want your pet to enjoy the outdoors, sun, or evening breeze. However, it can be dangerous for them. You can make your balcony safe for your kitty to hang out. Read on to learn how to balcony cat proof.

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Will a Cat Jump Off a Balcony?

Yes, it will. A cat will perch itself perfectly right before the unthinkable happens. And it’s hard to believe, considering cats are not only unafraid of heights but also attracted to them. 

A cat will spot something and instinctively pursue it. Also, the cat might doze off or get startled. And while cats can effortlessly cling to tree barks and many other objects, balcony railings are too slippery to grip onto, so they’ll slip off and jump.

Now you might wonder, doesn’t a cat always land on all fours? They often do. But not without sustaining injuries if they jump off a great height (more than two stories). Veterinarians have a term for it – high-rise syndrome, and they treat many cats for this. 

Depending on how high a balcony is and the surface the cat lands on, a cat can suffer severe injuries like fractures, chest trauma, or facial injuries when they jump off. The fall could even be fatal.  

 A cat sitting on the balcony

( A cat sitting on the balcony)

How Do I Keep My Cat From Falling Off the Balcony?

1. Plexiglass Panels

This method works best on metal railings. To install plexiglass panels, drill holes in the panels before attaching them to your balcony using zip logs. Plexiglass panels provide a solid barrier and work best on metal railings.

Cover the balcony with glass

(Cover the balcony with glass)

2. Cat-Friendly Furniture Placement

Rearrange the furniture on your balcony away from the railing. Also, sofas or chairs from which your cat can easily jump. Alternatively, consider using folding furniture you can store away after use.

3. Balcony Netting

This balcony cat proof method works on enclosed balconies. It’s easy to install; you only need to hang the netting using hooks.

Image of balcony netting

( Image of balcony netting)

4. Bamboo or Reed Fence

While installing a bamboo or reed fence means saying goodbye to your view, it prevents your cat from jumping off. In addition, it increases privacy. You’ll need to zip-tie the fence to secure it to the railing.

Image of a reed fence

(Image of a reed fence)

5. Cat-Friendly Plants

Some cats like plants and even munch on them. If your furry friend fits this description, consider putting some plants that aren’t toxic to cats, like wheatgrass, lemongrass, catnip, and sunflower.

Lemongrass picture

(Lemongrass picture)

6. Cat-Friendly Furnishings

Like cat-friendly plants, this balcony cat-proof method is about placing things your cat likes on your balcony to encourage them not to jump. So keep several pillows and blankets on your balcony so your cat has soft, comfy spots to lounge.

Balcony Cat Proof:  Cozy cat blanket

(Cozy cat blanket)

7. Balcony Cat Proof: Enclosing Your Balcony

If your balcony is not covered, you can enclose it completely with glass. Alternatively, you can use netting on a hard frame. This method can work on both covered and uncovered balconies. However, it entails a lot of work. Therefore, it’s not an ideal solution for renters.

8. Balcony Cat Proof: Lock Up Garbage and Compost

It’s natural to think your well-fed cat has no business going near the garbage bin. But rats and mice are dumpster divers, and all cats love to chase after them. 

So keep your balcony rodent-free. Lock up garbage and compost in a metal bin. These are heavy and chew-proof.

9. Balcony Cat Proof: Plants Cats Hate

There are plants whose smell cats can’t stand. Some examples are lavender and rosemary. Because these plants are cat repellants, they will help keep your feline off the balcony.

Balcony Cat Proof:  Picture of lavender

( Picture of lavender)

10. Balcony Cat Proof: Catio

Catio is a patio for cats. You can make it on your balcony with netting. Set it up so your cat can enter the patio but not access the rest of the balcony. Make it cozy and comfortable with a litter tray.

Balcony Cat Proof:  Image of a catio

(Image of a catio)

How to Keep Cats off the Balcony Railing

There are two accessories you can use to keep your feline friend off the railing:

  • Cat Railing Guard

These have varying materials depending on the type of balcony. They’re especially great for cats untrained in keeping off balcony railings. 

Balcony Cat Proof:  Cat Railing Guard

(Cat Railing Guard)

  • Balcony Cat Proof: Cat Screen

These have a clear screen so your cat can see through. It wraps around the railing and can withstand a few knocks from your cat. ItIt’slso versatile, and you can cut it up using scissors.


As a responsible pet parent, it’s your responsibility to balcony cat proof to keep your feline safe. Now you know how to prevent your cat from jumping off the balcony and keeping them off the railing. 

Consider how much space you have and the type of balcony before settling on the most suitable method of cat-proofing your balcony.