Beer For Cats: What You Don’t Know

We love our pets and like to share what we’re eating and drinking with them unless it’s dangerous for them. The question is, can you do that with beer? On the other hand, what if a cat and beer is a no-no, even fatal, and you found out that your cat drank some? What can you do to help or save your kitty? Read on to learn more about beer for cats. 

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Is Beer Bad for Cats

Yes, beer is bad for cats. But interestingly, the chemicals it contains are not harmful. What’s harmful is the alcohol. No wonder it’s on the list of foods to avoid feeding your pets, along with raisins and grapes, other ingredients that may be present in a fruit beer. Your cat could suffer alcohol poisoning (ethanol toxicosis) that could even be fatal. 

And when it comes to cats and beer, unlike humans, where drinking copious amounts is what’s dangerous, just a few teaspoons are enough to put your kitty in a coma. 

However, the impact varies since different beers have different alcohol levels.

Different kinds of wine

(Different kinds of wine)

Do Cats Like the Taste of Beer

No, cats don’t care for the taste of beer. However, the malty taste is what your cat may like. 

Malt extract is an ingredient in many pet supplements given to cats that are not eating enough. 

Beer and malt

(Beer and malt)

What Happens If My Cat Drinks Beer?

Within 15 minutes of drinking a few sips or even licking some beer off the floor or table, your cat will begin to exhibit symptoms of alcohol poisoning, such as:

  • Lethargy
  • Difficulty with coordination
  • Dehydration
  • Slow breathing
  • Drooling excessively
  • Low body temperature
  • Inability to control bowel or bladder
  • Vomiting or retching

The cat’s blood may also become acidic. 

All these symptoms advance very fast in a cat’s body, causing seizures or respiratory issues.

he owner held the cat

(The owner held the cat)

What Should I Do If My Cat Drinks Beer?

It depends on what your cat drank and what quantity. If it’s a little light beer, the cat should be okay, but keep an eye on them for several hours.    

If you know the cat drank a significant amount of alcohol or something pretty strong, or you observe lethargy, excessive drooling, or trouble with coordination, seek help immediately. 

You could start by contacting Animal Poison Control or your vet, who may recommend administering some emergency poison treatment like activated charcoal

If you must rush the cat to the clinic, do so without delay. The vet will provide the necessary treatment, depending on the cat’s age and severity of intoxication.

A cat that is not feeling well

(A cat that is not feeling well)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why Does My Cat Want a Beer?

Your cat may want a beer for these reasons:

  • First, cats like to eat and lick stuff, especially those they should not. This behavior has a lot to do with their curious nature. 
  • Also, if you often feed your cat canned food, they’ll come running to you whenever you open a beer can simply because they think it’s food.
  • Finally, the malty smell attracts cats.
A cat drinking water from a cup

(A cat drinking water from a cup)

Q: How Do I Prevent My Cat From Drinking Beer?

Keep your beer out of your cat’s reach. And don’t keep bottled beer on the table or countertops, as your cat may knock them over and proceed to drink. 

Also, be careful where you place your drink because, trust me, your adorable cute cat will want a sip. And wipe off any spills immediately before your cat finds them. 

The Cat and the Cup

(The Cat and the Cup)


So, can cats drink beer? Alcohol is highly dangerous to cats. And while it’s vital to know what to do to help your cat if they ingest some, what’s best is to ensure you store your alcohol safely so your cat does not accidentally find and consume some beer.