Big Eye Cat: A Basic Guide to the Best Large-Eyed Cats

Our furry pals often have intriguing eyes ranging from blue to yellow colors and slit-like pupils. Every cat breed has unique qualities, like a couple having tiny eyes while others have enormous ones.

As humans, we usually consider large-eyed animals cuter, cats being one of them. Thus, it is almost natural to want to own a cat breed with larger eyes. Luckily, you’ve arrived in the right place because today, we’ll show you several big-eye cat choices. 

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Why Do Cats Have Big Eyes?

When collectively examining all cats, it is unusual to spot a cat with tiny eyes. So, you might be wondering why many cats have large eyes. The three main factors are as follows. 

Greater human attraction

Large-eyed cats may have survived this long because humans find them nicer. As such, they will adopt more large-eyed cats and have them live in a household rather than at a shelter or on the streets. They receive great care, thus enhancing their lifespan. 

A beautiful girl carrying a cat with large eyes

(A beautiful girl carrying a cat with large eyes) 

More successful hunting

Humans have selectively bred cats with large eyes, in addition to them undergoing natural evolution. Therefore, the wider and more attentive the cats’ eyes are, the better they’ll be at hunting because they’ll easily spot and catch their prey.  

Furthermore, their large eyes reflect light in dim lighting situations giving their eyes a weird glow seldom witnessed in other animals. 

Cat’s eyes glowing in the dark

(Cat’s eyes glowing in the dark)

Cats’ eyes light in the dark because of the tapetum lucidum (a reflective layer in the eyeball). The structure enhances the brightness in their eyes during their hunt in the dark (being crepuscular creatures),  helping them discover food. 

Selective Breeding

Over time, people have carefully bred cats for certain traits. For instance, some cats have luxuriant, curling fur, while others have hairless skin. Additionally, there are long-whiskers, curly-tails, long-tails, and lately, short-legged cats like the Munchkin. 

No wonder it is easier to find cats with huge eyes because people find them prettier. Thus, they have kept breeds with naturally enormous eyes while slowly forgetting the ‘less desirable’ small-eyed cats. It also explains why most modern cats, especially pedigree kinds, have large beautiful eyes

British cat with big round eyes

(British cat with big round eyes)

15 Big Eyed Cat Breeds

They include the following;

Ragamuffin cat

Ragamuffin cat

(Ragamuffin cat)

The long-bodied cat has a long, silky, and soft coat making it adorable. Additionally, the cat breed is calm, loves cuddling their favorite individuals, and has huge lovely eyes. Ragamuffin cats usually behave like puppies than kittens and can walk, learn new tricks and play ‘fetch.’

Chartreux cat

Chartreux cat

(Chartreux cat)

The Chartreux cat ranks among the most courteous breeds because it doesn’t complain and is friendly to you and your guests. They have copper-gold eyes that complement their blue-grey coats. Moreover, it suits families/couples or single people and can sometimes entertain itself.

Abyssinian cat

Abyssinian cat

(The Abyssinian cat)

Abyssinian cats are undeniably great companions who adore being near their owners. The high-energy cats are constantly eager to play. They’re also intelligent and love climbing, so a cat tower or garden should suffice. Furthermore, their tiny faces make their almond-shaped eyes look bigger.

British Shorthair cat

British shorthair cat

(British shorthair cat)

This type of cat has a short-to-medium coat, bright copper, orange, or gold eyes, and a small wide nose.  During seasonal fluctuations, these smart indoor cats need daily grooming. They are also playful, loyal, and kind.

Cornish rex cat

Cornish rex cat

(The Cornish rex cat)

Cornish Rex cats have triangle-shaped heads with wide golden-colored eyes that might vary. Additionally, their beautiful coats may sometimes curl even though they are hairless. Due to their sleek look and lengthy, lolling runs, people often compare them to greyhounds. They are also playful and quite adventurous.


Sphynx cat

(Sphynx cat)

 A sphynx cat weighs 10-12 pounds and is 8-10 inches long. They also have triangular heads with lemon-shaped eyes, arched backs and long limbs, and hairless bodies with pigmented skin. 

Scottish fold cat

Scottish fold cat

(The Scottish fold cat)

The Scottish fold cats have round faces, compact bodies, round and large eyes (green, blue, gold, or copper), broad noses, and folded ears. Such features make them mesmerizingly cute. 

Russian blue cat

Russian blue cat

(The Russian blue cat)

Russian blue cats weigh 8-15 pounds and are 9-10 inches tall. Physically, they have long legs and fine bones, a soft blue-gray soft double cat, and a triangular head with a wide nose and green eyes. 


Male Ocicat

(Male Ocicat) 

Their weight ranges from six to fifteen pounds, and is 9-11 inches long. They are active and have a short-haired tabby coat with spots in silver, fawn, lavender, brown, or blue, a long tail, and large almond-shaped eyes. 

Big Eye Cat: Japanese bobtail

apanese bobtail

(Japanese bobtail)

Japanese bobtail cats have tricolored or bi-colored long or short coats of solid blue, lilac, cream, chocolate, black, or white. Any shade of eye color is possible, but ‘odd-eyed,’ gold and blue are popular.

Big Eye Cat: Devon rex cat

Devon rex kittens

(Devon rex kittens) 

The Devon rex cat has a curly mink-colored or color-point coat and big, oval eyes (blue or aqua). Their bodies are slim, and they also have triangular ears.

Big Eye Cat: Singapura cat

Singapura cat

(Singapura cat)

The Singapura is the smallest registered cat breed in the International Cat Association (TICA). It has big, expressive almond-shaped eyes (either yellow, green, or hazel) and a friendly, playful personality.  Despite having a small stature, they have a muscular build.

Big Eye Cat: Persian cat

Persian cat

(Persian cat)

Persian cats have full, flat faces, round eyes which can be ‘odd-eyed,’ copper, green, or bright blue, and medium-sized bodies with long coats. 

Big Eye Cat: Burmese

Burmese cat

(Burmese cat)

Burmese cats are 10-12 inches tall and weigh 6-14 pounds. Their physical characteristics include round, expressive eyes, long legs, and a short coat that can be blue, platinum, champagne, or sable. 

Big Eye Cat: Elf cat

An elf cat

(An elf cat)

The Elf Cat has a triangular face, cute big ears that curl up, and a velvet-soft, hairless coat. They are also loyal, friendly, and playful. 

Their big, round beautiful eyes have different shades of color, like, bright green, blue, or deep golden yellow.

Why Are My Cat’s Eyes Always Dilated?

Cat with dilated pupils

(Cat with dilated pupils)

Wide pupils can be an indication of the following health issues:

  • Cancerous or not cancerous ocular tumors
  • FeLV-related feline spastic pupil syndrome
  • Anisocoria due to trauma, corneal ulcers, or glaucoma
A kitten with a lesion of the cornea

(A kitten with a lesion of the cornea)

  • Key-Gaskell Syndrome (feline dysautonomia)
  • High blood pressure (hypertension)
  • Chronic pain like arthritic discomfort in senior cats
  • Loss of vision
A blind cat

(A blind cat)

  • Extreme stress or anxiety disorder

In case your cat has large pupils, rush it to the vet. Veterinarians will diagnose and treat the dilated eyes with surgery or medication that tackles the underlying disease.


As we wrap up, check your cat’s eye for noticeable changes. Cats with large eyes are common, but a health condition may give wide eyes in cases of dilated pupils. Take caution!