Breed of Cats That Don’t Shed: An Exclusive Guide

About the Breed of cats that don’t shed, Although we adore cats, managing their hair may be challenging. While cuddling your kitten is pleasurable, you want them to stay on your lap and not leave their fur.

That’s why avid cat lovers with cat allergies can own breeds of cats that don’t shed. By owning a hairless cat, you drop one trigger for your allergies. Also, you reduce the maintenance care of your home. 

This article discusses some of the different cat breeds that don’t shed. Let’s dive right in!

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There are many hypoallergenic cats.

Cats make excellent first pets. Fortunately, allergic people can still own cats because there are various hypoallergenic, non-shedding cats. If you can bear the hairless appearance, the Sphynx is the finest option for a cat that doesn’t shed.

Otherwise, a Bengal, Bombay, Siberian, Burmese, or Siamese cat can be great options. Each has a charming character that would fit well in any house.

Is there a non-shedding cat?

All cats shed a little bit. The dry and dead skin cells on our scalp will occasionally come off. For cats, the Sphynx is the best selection of an utterly non-shedding cat. 

a non-shedding cat

(a non-shedding cat.)

Which cat breeds shed the least?

Sphynx cat

The sphynx is the best example of a cat breed that does not shed hair because they have no visible fur on their body. Despite their appearance in many villain movies, Sphynx cats are very affectionate. Since they are hypoallergenic and non-shedding, Sphynx are excellent pets.

an angry Sphynx cat

(an angry Sphynx cat.)

Siamese Cat

The Siamese cat doesn’t shed as much compared to several other cat breeds. They have short hair that needs regular brushing to remove the dead hair. But overall, they are a low-maintenance breed. So you will not find pet hair everywhere in your home. 

Siamese cats enjoy being near people. Their unique characteristic is that they don’t meow when they need attention. For this reason, many novice cat owners are usually taken aback by their much raspier voice.

a resting Siamese cat

 (a resting Siamese cat)

Burmese cat

The Burmese cats have short hair that sheds very little. They are not hypoallergenic

They don’t produce as many allergens as other cat breeds. But, because they enjoy cuddles, they might not be suitable if you have a cat allergy. 

a close-up of a Burmese cat

(a close-up of a Burmese cat)

Cornish Rex

One glance at the Cornish Rex is all it takes to recognize their unique coat. They only have an undercoat, although other cats have an outer coat and an undercoat. 

Understanding that reduced shedding does not equate to no shedding at all is crucial. While there won’t be as much hair, you’ll still have to deal with some. If you decide to get a Cornish Rex, prepare to spend lots of time with them since they are entertaining cats.

a 14-month-old Cornish rex

 (a 14-month-old Cornish rex)

Exotic short-hair cat

A low-shedding cat is the first thing you anticipate when looking at an exotic shorthair. Despite its thick coat, it’s a non-shedding breed. If you own an Exotic Shorthair, you’ll need to comb them out to eliminate dead hair.

The Exotic short-hair cat is very peaceful and has low energy. As a result, exotic short-hairs are an ideal alternative for people who live in smaller spaces.

an exotic shorthair kitten

(an exotic shorthair kitten)

Russian Blue cat

You can handle your Russian Blue cat undergoing shedding for most of the year. However, it transforms into a shedding nightmare once or twice a year. You’ll see cat fur over the place for two to three weeks while it’s shedding.

But after that, your home will be fur-free for 6–12 months! It’s undoubtedly a trade-off, but a Russian Blue is a terrific option, specifically if you don’t want to deal with cat hair all year round.

3 Russian blue kittens

(3 Russian blue kittens.)

Bengal cat

You can tell a Bengal Cat from other cats by its beautiful coat, which reminds you of a leopard. Its fur is silky soft, has bright spots like leopard spots, and sheds very little. In addition, Bengals are active, loving, and like to learn new things.

a Bengal cat playing

 (a Bengal cat playing)


All of these breeds of cats shed less. However, they still lose some fur, just not as much and as frequently as other cats.

We hope this article helps you in your search!