Can A Cat be Left Alone for A Week? Is It Okay?

Cats might seem like independent creatures. Yet, not even experienced owners know how long they can stay alone. It’s not a secret that cats feed off love and crave attention from their owners. 

However, can a cat be left alone for a week? In some situations, yes. But this depends on the cat’s age, personality, and environment.

This article will discuss in detail what you need to do when leaving your cat alone for a week. 

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Do Cats Get Lonely?

Cats are known to be very independent creatures. Also, most people have cats as pets because they are lovable creatures. Usually, they quickly form strong connections with their owners. 

Since they are human lovers, cats get lonely when they don’t receive enough attention. As a result, they become sad, stressed, and sometimes depressed. Most of the time, depression builds up from extreme separation anxiety from its owner. 

a cat with its owner

(a cat with its owner.)

How long Can You Leave a Cat Alone?

You can leave cats alone in the house as long as there’s enough food, water, and toys. But the duration depends on its personality, age, and environment. 

There is a recommended relationship between a cat’s age and your absence. That is;

  • Under 4 months: 2-4 hours
  • 4 – 5 months: up to 5 hours
  • Six months: up to 8 hours.
  • Over 6 months: 1 – 2 days.

This relationship shows that kittens need more care than adults. However, these durations apply only to cats that are in healthy condition.

a cat with a string toy

(a cat with a string toy.)

Why Can’t Cats Spend More Periods Alone?

You cannot leave cats alone for long periods. It is because they adapt to routine. They know when you give them food and return from work. 

Changing this schedule might give them stress.  

Usually, when a cat has stress, it will act out in different ways. That’s why it’s your responsibility to know and understand your cat’s personality. This way, you’ll know when your cat is acting out.

Some common ways in which cats act out may include;

  •  Your cat suddenly doesn’t want to use the litter box. 
  • Sometimes, your cat will try to ignore you or become extremely clingy.
  • Your cat may excessively groom its body, resulting in thinner hair and bald patches.
a bored cat

(a bored cat.)

Can a Cat be Left at Home for a Week?

It’s risky to leave your cat alone for a week. So, you need to find someone to check in on your cat if you’ll be gone for the week. A friend, family member, or pet sitter is an excellent choice. If nobody is available, think about a cat boarding facility. 

If you don’t do this, many issues might arise. 

For example, many healthy cats will steer clear of a full and nasty litter box. It is something to think of since no one wants cat poop on their wooden floor or furniture.

There’s also an emotional impact, such as stress and depression. Even the coolest cat can become irritated by extended absence. The best action is to go by the recommendations above for alone time.

a sad-looking cat

(a sad-looking cat.)

What should you do before leaving your cats alone?

You must ensure your cat experiences the least stress possible when you leave them alone. A proper consultation with the veterinarian on their health is a must. Additional measures you can take include: 

Can A Cat Be Left Alone: A cat nanny

A sitter doesn’t have to remain overnight. So, they can visit twice daily to check on the cat’s food, drink, and litter box. In either case, having a human check-in is a great approach to lessen your cat’s anxiety while you’re away. However, ensure the person you choose is trustworthy and gets along with your cat.

Can A Cat Be Left Alone: Automatic feeder; Water dispenser

An automatic feeder feeds your cat at set times and regularly dispenses fresh water. These gadgets protect cats from illnesses like diarrhea and vomiting. It will also keep kitties on schedule.

Can A Cat Be Left Alone: Pet camera

The pet camera monitors actual home conditions. So, if you notice any incidents, you can report them immediately. However, always have a backup solution when away because any gadget can break down.

Can A Cat Be Left Alone: Find another companion

Before you leave your cat for a week, you can always adopt or buy another pet. Check to see if your cat and pet get along first. Usually, cats with companions are less likely to have separation anxiety. So this method should help.

a cat with a companion

(a cat with a companion.)

A boarding or cat house

Finding a trustworthy pet sitter. Therefore, boarding your cat can be a secure option. Places you can board your cat include kennels, veterinary offices, or a friend’s house. 

Bring your cat with you.

If none of the above alternatives can calm your fears, try taking your cat along. Most cat enthusiasts bring their cats along with them on their travels.

Our picks for cats who are home alone

a happy cat.

(a happy cat.)


Cats might be independent, but they need love more than we think. Always make your cat feel loved at all times, whether near or far away from them.

We hope this article has been of help to you.