Cat Hit Me With Tail: What Does It Mean?

Cats are intelligent animals that communicate with their owners through verbal and nonverbal cues. Verbal cues include meowing, purring, and other vocalizations. In contrast, nonverbal cues include body language, facial expressions, and physical gestures, like when your cat hit me with a tail. So, by observing a cat’s tail, you may determine whether it is joyful, irritated, or upset.

In this article, we will learn what it means when the cat hits me with its tail and more.

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Why does my cat hit me with her tail?

There are many reasons why a cat will hit you with its tail. Here are some reasons:

Showing interest.

We all know that curiosity kills the cat, which means that a cat always wants to involve itself in everything you do. 

For example, the cat will always hit you with its tail when you’re doing chores around the house. This action shows that the cat is interested in whatever you are doing. So it would be best if you did not shoo it away.


When a cat hits or wraps his tail around your ankle, sometimes it means the cat is afraid. Especially if you are walking into an empty room, please do not attempt to pick it up as it may want to flee. 


Your cat hitting you with its tail might signify aggressiveness. Cats have very few ways of showing emotion. Tail-hitting is among the few. 

Always be cautious when your cat gives you a low quick flick and then begins to wag its tail quickly. Usually, this means it is angry. Ensure to find out the cause of the anger and try to fix it immediately. 

cats with their tails up

(cats with their tails up.)

She Wants Attention

It’s not easy to ignore your cat when it’s slapping you with its tail non-stop. Most times, this is an indication that your cat needs you would be best if r petted, you should pet or offer it treats. Petting cats usually makes them feel loved and wanted, which makes them relaxed.

The cat might want to eat.

The cats are hungry, and in addition to meowing, they will lash its tail at you angrily. This action should alert you that it’s time for the next meal

Sometimes, your cat slaps you with its tail when you are eating. This gesture is an indication that it wants what you are having. However, before submitting to its demands, be aware of what your cat should and should not have. 

Playtime and Attention Time

For cats, there is a certain time of day when they are most energetic. Mostly it’s either very early in the morning or very late in the evening. 

During this period, your cat will hit you with its tail expecting you to give it its toys. Also, your cat will expect you to spare some time and play with it. 

happy cats playing with their tails.

(happy cats playing with their tails.)

Cats sometimes get anxious!

Usually, when the cat notices something weird happening in its environment, it will flick you with its tail. This gesture is a sign that it is anxious. Sometimes you’ll realize that a cat crouches close to the ground, wagging its tail, and refuses to move.   

two cats with their tails crossed

 (two cats with their tails crossed)

What does it mean when the cat brushes its tail against you?

Cats rarely brush themselves against people unfamiliar to them. So, when the cat approaches you and touches itself against you, it’s doing so to acknowledge you.

It’s a way that they get to express their love for you and also claim you as their friend. When they hit you with their tail, they leave their scent on you since a cat’s tail has scent glands. In addition, their scent on you will alert other pets that you are their friend.

Is it bad when the cat wags its tail?

Unlike a dog, when the cat wags its tail, it doesn’t mean it is exciting to see you. Instead, it means that something is troubling your cat. However, there could be many reasons a cat would wag its tail. Some common ones include curiosity and mischief.

two cats wagging their tails

(two cats wagging their tails)

Is my cat petting me with its tail?

A cat resting by your feet while softly flicking you with its tail is a sign of love. Cats don’t just pet anyone. They only pet people who are familiar and friendly to them. 

However, if your cat doesn’t pet you, it’s probably because it is scared of you. So, you need to show your cat more love for it to return the love.


It is essential to understand how your pet communicates with you. This way, it will ease and strengthen your relationship with them.