Do Cats Need a Night Light: Can Your Cat Baby See At Night?

We all love our cat babies to pieces. So we give them everything they need to be happy and healthy. But one thing you might have yet to consider is whether do not cats need a night light. 

After all, cats are known for their excellent night vision, long sensitive whiskers, and knack for maneuvering in the dark. But do cats need a night light? This article will explore whether cats can benefit from or even need a night light.

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Can Cats See in the Dark?

cat with bright lights at night

(cat with bright lights at night)

The simple answer is yes, cats can see in the dark. Cats have excellent night vision thanks to a unique structure in their eyes that allows them to collect more light. This means that cats can see more with less light than humans. 

Contrary to popular belief, cats cannot see through pure darkness. It only takes one-sixth of the light humans need to see. That explains why cats have no problem navigating or making out shapes and objects at night. 

Reasons to Consider Leaving Lights On At Night

old cat relaxing

(old cat relaxing)

Now that we understand that night lights for cats are unnecessary, here are reasons to leave one on at night.

Aging Cat

Aging cats become distressed and have trouble adjusting to the lack of light. As cats age, their night vision becomes less reliable. Similar to humans, cats get anxious about things they can feel. They also experience anxiety when they can’t see. 

If not uncommon to have an aging cat baby that has difficulty navigating or seems to become easily disoriented. A night light can help them stay oriented and move around easily. It will make their life easier as well as yours. You won’t have to worry about them getting lost or stuck in a corner.

New Kitten

Adopting a new kitten can be a great thing for both of you. Kittens will naturally explore their new environment and may need some extra light to do so safely. But remember that a new kitten from a comfortable place they believed was home may take time to adjust. So it’s important to give them extra love and security in their new home. A night light can help with that.

For Your Safety and Theirs

Cats move around a lot during the night. Humans tend to sleep at night and may not be aware of their cat’s nighttime activities, so if you may stumble upon your cat in a dark room. If this happens frequently, it can be dangerous for both of you. 

A night light can prevent this from happening and keep you both safe. Having a night light means no stumbling on your pal’s tail in the dark.

Your Cat Might Get Lonely

Even if cats don’t need a night light to see, leaving one on could help them feel less lonely. Cats are solitary animals, but they still need companionship. Leaving a night light on can give them the comfort they need. It can make them feel less alone in their space.

Ease of Litter Box Use

Your cat will easily find their litter box thanks to its sense of smell. However, it makes sense if you don’t want to leave the bathroom light on. A night light can help them locate their litter box. It will also help prevent some messes they can make in the dark. 

A night light can make a difference if your cat relies solely on their sense of smell at night. It can prevent them from missing the mark and making a mess on your floor.

Best Lighting Options For A Cat-Owning Family

cat with a veterinarian for eye checkup

(cat with a veterinarian for eye checkup)

If you choose to get a night light for cats, there are a few things to remember. 

How Much Light Does A Cat Need

Your cat’s night vision activates in the dark. Their pupils expand as the darkness increases, and they can see with very little light. Cats have less understanding and need less light than humans. Their retinas are sensitive to light. So excess lighting can cause discomfort. So it’s best to start with a dim night light and adjust the brightness accordingly. 

Too much light can disturb your cat’s sleep and cause stress. Then there is color perception. Cats don’t see the colors we do. They see a faded yet unsaturated version of colors. 

However, they do have a larger visual field. They can see 200 degrees around them. Understand that every kitty will be different. A night light may not work as a solution if you notice your cat limping or falling. They may have a medical condition and will need to visit a vet.

Best Lighting Options

cat enjoying the moonlight

(cat enjoying the moonlight)

Electronics that light up during the night, like a clock, computer, or air purifier, provide a good amount of light. Another option is your cat’s water fountain. The fountain’s lighting is adequate in conjunction with a night light. 

Lastly, a motion-activated night light is an excellent option for cats. The lights only turn on when your cat moves around. The light helps them stay oriented in their space without leaving them on all night. It can also help you save money on electricity bills.

So Do Cats Need a Night Light?

Cats don’t need a night light in the same way humans do. But it can help them feel safer and less lonely. A night light can provide enough light for your cat to move around the house safely without disturbing your sleep. 

However, be sure to choose the right light. Also, keep it dim enough so that it doesn’t cause your cat any discomfort. Check-in with your vet if you suspect a medical issue, too. With the right light and safety measures, your cat can enjoy their nightly adventures carefreely.