European Maine Coon vs. American Maine Coon: A Comparative Guide

Maine Coon cats are adored for their enormous size, amiable natures, and fluffy coats. But did you know the difference between European Maine coon vs. American Maine coon? American Maine Coons have a more robust and powerful physique, while European Maine Coons are noted for their long and slender body type.

 Despite the obvious similarities between the two varieties, minute variations give each type special qualities. This blog will serve as your comprehensive guide into the origins, appearance, personality, and health of the two Maine Coon cats. 

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Origins of European Maine Coon Vs. American Maine Coon

For decades, Maine Coon cats have been a mysterious breed. Although the Maine Coon cat’s ancestry is unknown, there are several hypotheses about where this magnificent feline came from. One hypothesis contends that the Maine Coon cat is a descendant of cats that early European settlers brought here. The Maine Coon cat originated from these cats’ interbreeding with local feral cats. 

Another idea contends that the Maine Coon cat is a hybrid of domestic cats and bobcats in the wild. The Maine Coon cat is a naturally occurring breed that originated in the severe climates of the northeastern United States, notably in Maine. 

Today, cat fancier organizations worldwide recognize the Maine Coon cat as a treasured companion animal and a beloved show cat. Due to its distinctive physical features and unique history, the Maine Coon is a one-of-a-kind breed that captures the hearts of cat lovers everywhere.

Maine coon cat

Maine coon cat

The appearance of European Maine Coon Vs. American Maine Coon

Size and Weight

The magnificent and distinctive Maine Coon cat is distinguished by its enormous size and plush coat. The appearance of the Maine Coon cat may change depending if it is of European or American descent. 

Build and Shape

European Maine Coons are renowned for their long and thin bodies, as well as their sleek and exquisite appearance. They have straight, long, and narrow heads with sharply defined jawlines. Their eyes are wide and expressive and they have enormous, densely tufted ears. They frequently carry their large, bushy tails low.

American Maine Coons are notable for their formidable and imposing physique, characterized by a robust and muscular build. Their cranial structure is square, prominently featuring a well-defined muzzle and a broad forehead. Their ocular region has round and expressive eyes, while their auricular region has large and heavily furred ears. Additionally, American Maine Coons frequently hold their thick and bushy tail high. 

Growth Rate

Both Maine Coons are known to be large cats, growing up to 18 pounds or more by age 4. Typically, the European Maine Coons tend to be larger and heavier, though this can vary based on diet and exercise. 

Fur and Coloring

Both European and American Maine Coon cats have thick and fluffy coats that protect them from harsh weather. It’s typically long and silky with a dense undercoat. It can come in various colors, such as red, white, black, and cream. Additionally, their paws are built to walk in snow.

Brown Maine Coon

Brown Maine Coon

The personality of European Maine Coon Vs. American Maine Coon

Temperament and Sociability

American Maine Coons tend to be more outgoing, confident, and friendly; they are more adaptable to new situations and people, they are also more affectionate with their family, and they are also known to be more playful and energetic.

On the other hand, European Maine Coons tend to be more reserved and independent. They are known to be more aloof and less demanding of attention; they are also known to be more independent and self-sufficient, and they are also more reserved with strangers. They are also known to be more contemplative and less energetic.


Maine Coons are easy to train and are known for their intelligence. Known for their ability to learn tricks and commands, the Maine Coon is also a formidable problem solver. In addition to their playful nature, these cats are extremely curious.


Since they are so smart, the Maine Coon cat likes to be challenged. It is important to change the way you train your Maine Coon to keep challenging them. There is no real difference in the trainability between the American or the European Maine Coon. 


These cats are extremely vocal, as expected when considering their heightened intelligence and abilities. The Maine Coon cat is not generally known to meow for no reason, so consider checking on your cat if you hear this constantly. All in all, these intelligent cats love interacting and will let you know when something is wrong. 


Maine Coon cats are known to form extremely strong bonds with their owners. Extremely loyal, these pets can be affectionate attention seekers toward their owners. These cats, however, are known to be very independent, so they may sometimes be distant. 


The European Maine Coon and the American Maine Coon are both playful cats, and it shows in their relationship with their owner. As mentioned earlier, these cats are very intelligent and can do many tricks easily. They love mental stimulation and other games like fetching or retrieving small objects. 

Silver Tabby Maine Coon Kitten

Silver Tabby Maine Coon Kitten

The health of European Maine Coon Vs. American Maine Coon

Common Health Issues

American Maine Coons are known to be relatively healthy and hardy, with few known health issues. They may be prone to certain genetic conditions, such as hip dysplasia, but this is not common. They can also be prone to certain heart conditions and are known to be a large breed so they may be more prone to certain orthopedic issues.

On the other hand, European Maine Coons tend to have a more delicate constitution and may be prone to certain genetic health issues. They may be prone to certain genetic conditions such as hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and hip dysplasia. They may also be more prone to certain eye conditions, such as progressive retinal atrophy.


The lifespan of these cats can depend on various issues, but on average, they live between 12-15 years. Regular vet checkups and a strong diet can push this lifespan even as far as 18-20 years, but as mentioned earlier, they may be prone to certain heart or orthopedic issues. 

Exercise Requirements

The Maine Coon loves stimulation both physically and mentally, so exercise is a very important part of a healthy lifestyle for these cats. Laser pointers and feather wands promote your cat’s activity, and puzzle toys can stimulate them mentally. They also love to climb and scratch. 

Maine Coon Kitten

Maine Coon Kitten

Dietary Requirements of European Maine Coon Vs. American Maine Coon

European Maine Coon vs. American Maine Coon: Special Needs

Maine Coon Cats grow to be very large, so they should eat a diet that consists of animal-based protein. Chicken, fish, and beef would all serve as good choices to give your Maine Coon for dinner. Animal protein provides essential amino acids to cats, greatly aiding their overall health and brain power. It is important to monitor your cat’s diet because the Maine Coon cat is prone to growing obese. 

European Maine Coon vs. American Maine Coon: Special Treats

Freeze-dried treats are an excellent choice for your Maine Coon as they are very high in protein. Wet food works for the same reason, in addition to its natural hydration ability for cats. These treats would supplement their high-protein diet well. Of course, catnip is a favorite among the Maine Coon cats. 


In conclusion, the Maine Coon cat is a beloved breed known for its large size, friendly personality, and fluffy coat. Both types share many similarities, but there are subtle differences in appearance, personality, and health. It’s important to remember that every cat is unique, and having regular checkups with a veterinarian is crucial to ensure your cat’s health.