Squish Face Cat: Ten Most Adora·ble Flat-faced Cats

Squish face cat breeds are progressively taking over households. The cute, large-eyed, round face and cheeks, short-nosed cats are quite alluring and will lighten up your home’s mood instantly. Sadly, their flat face may impact the quality of their lives. But with the best care, you should spend considerable time with them. 

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Why do Some Cats Have Squish Faces?

Flat-faced cats, also known as brachycephalic cats, have a condition called brachycephaly, resulting from their genetic heritage. The condition makes them shorter than the typical skull size compared to their counterpart species. As a result, their faces will have a squashed look paired with large bulging eyes, thus creating an inward appearance.

Ten Adorable Squishes Face Fat Breeds.

Here is a list of adorable top ten flat-faced cats that you are likely to find. 

Persian Cats

Persian cat

(Persian cat)

Our first and one of the most popular brachycephalic breeds is the Persian cat. Despite the traditional Persian cats having pronounced noses while the flat-faced ones have peke-typing, they both are long-haired and wholesomely fluffy.  

They may come off as angry, but their playful, affectionate, gentle, and loving personalities (though less energetic) lure most people. Therefore, they are ideal for apartments, provided you meet their daily needs.

Finally, it has a 14-15 years lifespan, weighs 8-15 pounds, and is approximately 8-10 inches tall.

Munchkin Cats

Munchkin kitten

(Munchkin kitten)

Secondly, we have the fast, dynamic, playful, and cheerful Munchkin cats. They fall under one of the tiniest cat breeds, and their males often weigh 3-5kg. 

Furthermore, Munchkins are supersmart and keen on their environments. However, they can experience musculoskeletal problems because of their stubby legs. If you have one, look for any signs of pain and visit the vet should there be one. 

Himalayan Cats

(Himalayan cat)

Himalayan cats are a crossbreed between Siamese and Persian cats. Sometimes, they represent a type of Persian cat due to their morphological characteristics, including a coat color (seal, lilac, red) and flat face.

Additionally, they have a compact boy, round cheeks, snub nose, and cute blue eyes. Their ears are also small and soft. They are chilled and loving lap cats aged 12-15 years, 7-12 pounds heavy, and 12-14 inches tall. 

Bombay Cats

Bombay cat

(Bombay cat)

Bombay cats might have a pronounced nose compared to other breeds on our list, but we still consider them flat-faced cats. Their eyes are dazzling green or copper with black coats. Genetically, Bombay felines are crossbreeds of Burmese and American Shorthair cats who love bonding and getting attention from their owners. They are also generally good with kids. 

British Shorthair Cats

British shorthair cat

(The British shorthair cat)

British Shorthair cats are medium to big-sized felines with round cheeks and perfectly-balanced and small bodies. Their soft, dense, and short coats have a set of patterns and colors like blue, smoke, cream, red, black, and white. Also, be careful because you might get lost in their large beautiful eyes.

Despite having a 12-16 years lifespan, they may suffer from health issues and diseases unrelated to brachycephaly. Nonetheless, their affectionate, happy-go-lucky, and delightful personality is enchanting on any good day. 

Burmese Cats

Burmese cat

(The Burmese cat)

Burmese cats have dark-colored, short legs contrasting with other body parts and large, almond-shaped eyes. Moreover, their coats, in blue, platinum, champagne, and sable colors, are satin-like, glossy, and very short. 

In addition to being friendly, high-spirited, and people-oriented, we often liken them to dogs since they possess similar personalities.

They weigh about 8-12 pounds, have a lifespan of 12-16 years, and can be 8-10 inches long.

Selkirk Rex Cats

Selkirk rex cat

(Selkirk rex cat)

The first and most outstanding feature of a Selkirk Rex flat-face cat is its coat which resembles sheep’s wool. It’s a crossbreed between Persian and curly-haired cats and differs from other Rex cat breeds. 

It has powerful limbs and a flexible and muscular body and weighs about 15 to 22lb. It is patient, tolerant, and very loving. 

Exotic Shorthair Cats

Exotic shorthair cat

(Exotic shorthair cat)

Exotics are technically shorthaired Persians, even though we classify them differently. They came about as a result of interbreeding Persian cats and American shorthair cats. The only dissimilar feature between Persian and Exotic cats is the plush, dense, and short coat in the latter.

Characteristically, they have snub noses, large, deep-set eyes, and round faces. Even more mesmerizing is their ability to socialize with other animals, including rodents and dogs. 

Scottish Fold

Scottish Fold cat

(Scottish Fold cat)

As per their name, Scottish Fold cats have folded-over ears and less pronounced brachycephalic faces than other flat-face breeds. They also have smile lines around their mouths, round heads, stocky bodies, and smoke, gray, or blue-colored coats.  

They make good companions since they are adaptable and sweet. 

Burmilla Cats

Burmilla cat

(Burmilla cat)

Lastly, we have a crossbreed between a Persian cat and a Burmese cat with chinchilla coats, a snub-nosed Burmilla cat. Their bi-layered, silky, and soft coat assists them in thermoregulating their bodies in different weather conditions. 

Moreover, they can easily connect with a family and are attentive and affectionate. 

Do flat-faced cats suffer?

Unfortunately, despite living comfortably on most days, the structure of the nose, throat, and face of flat-faced cats can cause health challenges. The issues experienced include everted laryngeal saccules, stenotic nares, narrow trachea, and elongated soft palate.

The health problems often include cyanosis, intolerance to warm temperatures, difficulty exercising, gagging, BAOS, and noisy breathing. 


The perks of having a flat-faced cat are its people-oriented nature, endearing appearance, and playfulness. Thus, you could have several choices since flat-faced cats are gaining popularity. Our ten picks, luckily, will keep you ahead of the game. 

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