Bambino cat: 5+ Top Characteristics and More!

Humans love cats because they are brilliant, cute, furry, and independent. Unfortunately, like wild or domestic animals, cats come in different breeds with different characteristics.  The diversity might be particularly frustrating for first-time cat owners wondering if Bambino cats are worth it. Maybe you are merely unsure about them. This article will focus mainly on the Bambino Cat, its history, and its characteristics. Let’s dive right in!

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History of the Bambino cat

The Bambino Cat is a new breed discovered in 2005 by Pat and Stephanie Osborne. The Osbornes are avid cat lovers and thought it wise to cross-breed a Munchkin cat and a Sphynx cat. This experimental cross-breed resulted in the Bambino cat. 

The Bambino is a hairless short-legged cat with distinct no-hair genes in a Sphynx and short legs in a Munchkin. Even at full maturity, the Bambinos still look like kittens. Hence its name, which is also Italian for the word baby.

a hairless kitten

(a hairless kitten)

Bambino Cat Characteristics

Usually, the average weight of a mature Bambino is between 5-9 pounds, and it lives between 9-15 years. Compared to other breeds of cats, its weight is too little but not abnormal. That is why you will find those that weigh even less.

Also, like any other cat, a Bambino cat is a very loving feline. For this reason, they dislike being on their own since they feed on socialization. So, you will find them leaning on their family for some cuddles and attention. 

a bald cat

(a bald cat)

Some things to know about the Bambino cat

  • Bambinos have a tendency to vocalize.

A Bambino has a very high propensity to vocalize, much like a Sphynx. In fact, of all cat breeds, they are the noisiest. Usually, they express themselves verbally, but this is nothing to get you worried. 

Meowing is the frequently used sound to gain your attention, especially around mealtime. Bambinos often accompany the sound with a leg or shoulder jump or stroking along your thigh. 

sphynx cats stand and meow

(sphynx cats stand and meow)

  • They are a mischievous breed.

The Bambino cat is an exceedingly charming breed, yet a little mischievous. This breed will gladly spend the day exploring the house, scaling trees, and hiding in dark corners.

Also, the yearning to be with their human parents goes hand in hand with this playful side. Every chance they have, they like having fun. 

playing cats

(playing cats)

  • The Bambino Is a Social and Family-Friendly Kitty

These Sphynx-Munchkin hybrid cats are an excellent addition to any family, especially with small children.

Also, their warm and fun personalities get along well with all family members. So, you don’t have to worry; you and your cat will enjoy a lifelong relationship. 

A Friendly cat

(A Friendly cat)

  • While They’re Hairless, Their Coat Requires Attention

Many believe these cats don’t need care because they don’t have fur. Bambino cats, however, actually need a lot more attention than your normal household cat.

A Bambino is loose, wrinkled, and hairless. So they can’t soak up oil like other cats. Because of this, their skin gets dirty quickly. When this happens, it’s easy to notice that they need to take a bath.

Sunblock Is a Must for Bambino’s

Bambinos are outdoor-loving, adventure-seeking cats. The Bambino cat, just like the Sphynx, requires sunblock for its exposed, light skin. They belong to a breed that is particularly vulnerable to skin cancer and sunburn. Therefore, keep your cat indoors and away from the windows on a scorching day. 

Note; regular human sunblock might be harsh on the cat’s skin. For this reason, kindly use sunblock as prescribed by the veterinarian.

a munchkin cat

(a munchkin cat)

  • Contrary to Popular Belief, Bambinos Aren’t Hypoallergenic 

Usually, these cats don’t shed their hair everywhere in the house. This characteristic might reduce the likelihood of sneezing. 

But that does not imply that they are entirely hypoallergenic. Remember that most cats have the protein containing the allergy in their saliva.

Purebred grey sphynx cat

(Purebred grey sphynx cat)

  • Common health problems.

The scope of Bambino’s hereditary health issues is unknown because it is such a young breed. It is safe to infer that it might be vulnerable to problems that affect both the sphynx and munchkin breeds.


Lordosis is a common disease in all breeds of cats. However, munchkins are very much prone to it compared to other cat breeds. Lordosis can cause death in certain situations. It is because this condition involves the inward curving of the backbone. 

When the backbone curves in this manner, it might put excessive pressure on some vital organs in the cat’s body.

  • Pectus excavatum

This condition involves the breastbone caving in, commonly experienced by munchkins. When this happens, the bones will start to press on the cat’s lungs, making it hard for the cat to breathe. 

  • Hereditary myopathy

Hereditary myopathy is prevalent in the sphynx cat. It causes general muscle and body weakness.

Be sure to take your cat to the vet if any health problems arise.

  • Grooming and Care

Most cats have fur that absorbs their natural oils. The Bambinos, however, lack this advantage. If you do not clean frequently enough, they might develop skin issues.

a sphynx cat

(a sphynx cat)


Different cats require specific attention depending on their breed. It is always essential to understand the characteristics and behavior of your cat. We hope this article has been insightful.